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These are a list of suppliers that I use and would not hesitate to recommend. I don’t get any compensation for recommending them, I just like to support and promote good businesses.


OnlineMetals_header_logo is a great source for steel, aluminum, and brass stock. Their metal packs are a good deal for commonly used round and bar stock. Shipping rates and times are also good (at least to the West Coast). The website is easy to navigate, and they have basic material specs for most of the metals that they sell, including strength and machinability information.

MetalsDepot_logo is another great source for metal. I first discovered them when I was looking for rectangular tube for the Power Hacksaw project. They have a different mix of metals, leaning more towards structural forms (tube, channel, etc.) They are located in Kentucky, so the shipping times are a little longer to the West Coast, but are still reasonable.


lms_logo is a great source of tooling for the home machine shop. Their tools are the right size for the machines that we use, and they have fantastic customer support. I bough my mill from them, and was able to drive up to their warehouse in Pasadena, CA and pick it up from them to avoid the shipping costs.

Model Kits

The Stuart Models 10V vertical steam engine was my first model built from commercial castings. The kit was complete with all of the materials required to build the model except for paint and oil. I am impressed with the quality of the castings. They are precisely molded, including little details like core locations, have adequate machining allowances, and are a joy to machine.

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  1. Bill Goodwin permalink

    I appreciate this page. As a true beginner it has the kind of information I really need.
    Thanks, Bill


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